Sorry about this site being kind of spartan right now, I'm working on this extension alone, together with a zillion other things I'm doing, so website work is not my top priority.

About Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate)

This is an extension for, well, removing duplicate messages from your mail folders. You select some folder for a dupe check, then get a nice dialog for selecting which messages should be deleted and which kept (or no dialog if you don't want it), then the superfluous messages are deleted. Pretty straightforward right...?


This is a rewrite of an extension called 'Remove Duplicate Messages', written by Thorsten W. Schmidt. That extension was not free software (although it is available as JS + XUL + CSS of course, so it's 'open source'), and since it had been abandoned by its author, it could not be further developped thanks to the wonderful copyright laws that Capitalism has blessed us with.

So, I decided to rewrite the extension completely and publish it under a free software license. This would allow for future development of this extension - by myself or others - and perhaps even, one day, integration into the main codebase.


To ease code interchange, this extension is distributed under the terms of three licenses - MPL 1.1 , GPL 2.0 , LGPL 2.1 - at your pick.

Contact me

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